Katie Harbath: June 5, 2018



Katie Harbath

Global Politics and Government Outreach Director at Facebook


People want and deserve more clarity around who is paying for ads that look political. Just in time for primary season, Facebook and Instagram are launching the ability for people to see labels on ads related to elections and political issues. No matter where they live within the US, people on Facebook will be able to look at a public, searchable archive of ads with political content.

Facebook’s, Katie Harbath, can offer your viewers a “how to” on election readiness, teaching people how to easily find the label on an ad, report it if it’s not there and should be, use the feature to learn who the advertiser disclosed as paying for the ad and see all other ads with political content by that advertiser.

Areas to discuss include:

What’s a label for a political and issue ad and what does it tell me?

  • The advertiser has verified their identity and location before placing this ad
  • The label will tell you who the advertiser is and who the advertiser disclosed paid for the ad.
  • You can also click on the link to the ad archive for that advertiser and search other ads they’ve run on Facebook for up to the past seven years.

How does the archive for political content work?

  • The archive will offer never before seen information about the ads with political content you see — demographics like age, gender and location, and ranges of spend and impressions delivered.

What can I do if I see an ad with political content that doesn’t have a label?

  • Please report it
  • To report an ad, tap report and then select “it refers to a political candidate or issue.”
  • Our team will review the ad, and if it is an ad with political content, we’ll take it down and add it to the archive.
  • The advertiser will also be prevented from running ads with political content until they complete the authorization process, and we’ll follow up with you on the outcome of the ad you reported.
  • This will help us all protect elections and get better, faster.


Katie Harbath helps lead Facebook’s global civic engagement and elections effort. Prior to Facebook, Katie was the Chief Digital Strategist at the National Republican Senatorial Committee. She previously led digital strategy in positions at DCI Group, the Rudy Giuliani for President campaign and the Republican National Committee. Katie holds a BA in journalism and political science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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