Ken Starr

Renowned Lawyer, Ken Starr, Equips Christians to Exercise Religious Liberty in a Rapidly Changing American Culture 


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (March 18, 2021) – In his highly-anticipated book, Religious Liberty in Crisis: Exercising Your Faith in an Age of Uncertainty (Encounter Books, April 13, 2021), Ken Starr explores the crises that threaten religious liberty in America.


“Freedom is fragile.  Each of us in this ‘land of the free’ is called upon to serve as a sentinel of liberty, to sound the alarm and respond effectively when our freedoms are in danger.  That time is now.  As never before, American freedom is under assault — right here at home,” Starr says.


How to respond?  A basic step is to be well informed, and then to become a winsome but fully prepared friend and advocate of America’s basic freedoms, including the “First Freedom” — freedom of religion. 


In this troubling era of the Cancel Culture, Ken Starr’s eminently readable book will serve as a powerful tool for persuasively defending the ideals of religious liberty for all.

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