Kevin Collins: May 4, 2012

By Bill Martinez

      Kevin “Coach” Collins, DPA

“Crooks, Thugs & Bigots – The Lost, Hidden & Changed History of the Democrat Party


This interview will create a firestorm and the book´s author, Kevin “Coach” Collins, is game. A former Vietnam Era Marine with a doctorate in Public Administration, Collins is a  retired NYPD Honor Legion street cop; taught 16 years as an adjunct professor of behavorial psychology at schools around the NYC area-including St. John´s University; a member of Mensa; a saavy basketball coach and member of the Sons of the American Revolution serving proudly as a TEA party Board member whose message is aimed at my Baby Boom generation telling them WE have to save America.  Collins well footnoted book is sparking a political battle royale at a national level.

  • “Trayvon was murdered” scam – see Collins article below
  • The profile of Trayvon Martin – Trayvon the angel  or “Gangsta in Trainin”?
  • The profile of George Zimmerman “Brawler or Hoople with a gun”?
  • Al Sharpton, Tawana Brawley & Steven Pagones- is Zimmerman vs. Trayvon a repeat???
  • Crooks, Thugs & Bigots – does Al Sharpton have a future as a mayor ala Kwame Kilpatrick?
  • Coach is

Kevin’s book is available at

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