Kevin Condon: June 22, 2017

Summer Travel Tips:

Expert Advice on Getting the Most for Your $$$ and Maximizing Rewards


Kevin Condon

Preferred Rewards Executive, Bank of America

As we approach the end of June, the summer travel season kicks into high gear. Whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally; taking a “dream vacation” to a resort paradise; planning fine dining and a five-star hotel stay; or simply rounding up the kids for a camping expedition… there are easy ways to ensure that these rewarding experiences also earn rewards for your wallet!

No matter what your summer travel plans look like, with a smart travel strategy you can save money, get the most bang for your buck, and earn valuable rewards.

Topics Bank of America Executive Kevin Condon discusses:

  • Saving on Flights: Save up to 40% on airline tickets by flying on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday (instead of Friday or Sunday). Also, if a road trip will take a reasonable amount of time – say, less than 4 hours – and your car gets good gas mileage, you may save money by driving to your destination rather than flying.


  • Planning Fun, Free Activities: Enjoy free activities that may be available at your vacation destination – such as parks, national landmarks, beaches, concerts and festivals. Also, be sure to check whether your credit or debit card may have “hidden” perks. Some cardholder programs offer free admission to cultural attractions across the country during the 4th of July weekend!


  • Taking Advantage of Loyalty Programs: No matter if you’re traveling near or far, take a moment to think about how you can earn rewards on each purchase. Layer together your airline, hotel, banking and/or credit card rewards programs for the best earning opportunities.
  • Maximizing Rewards & Benefits: Choose credit cards that offers the best benefits and rewards for your summer travel situation – from extra cash back at the pump for road trips, to no foreign transaction fees for international travel. Also, some banking rewards programs offer additional perks that come in handy for summer travel such as no-fee ATM transactions, credit card cash back bonuses of up to 75%, and waived fees on everyday banking services.


With summer travel season in full swing and the upcoming 4th of July holiday weekend approaching, Bank of America Preferred Rewards Executive Kevin Condon will offer budgeting and planning tips for summer travel, vacation activities that don’t break the bank, and strategies to get the most out of rewards programs.



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Kevin Condon is Senior Vice President of Relationship Products and Operations at Bank of America. He is responsible for Rewards Programs across all products for Consumer & Small Business Banking. He is also responsible for product management for Small Business & Wealth Management Credit Card, Small Business & Wealth Management Deposits and Small Business loans. Kevin joined a legacy Bank of America company, LaSalle Bank, in 2000 in Corporate Development. He was promoted to Senior Vice President and head of Corporate Development in 2002. He was appointed head of the Customer Experience team for LaSalle’s retail bank in 2004 and was promoted to director of product management and consumer marketing for the retail bank in 2006. In 2008, he joined Bank of America’s Deposits products team, holding multiple roles in Product Management across all Consumer deposit products.


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