Kimberly Offutt: April 28, 2016


Bethany Christian Services Celebrates Inaugural

National “Foster Mother’s Day”

Foster Mothers to be honored on the First Sunday in May

Foster parents play a vital role for the nearly 400,000 children in foster care across the United States, helping to offer nurturing and loving homes for vulnerable children. To celebrate and honor foster mothers throughout the country, Bethany Christian Services, a global non-profit adoption and foster care agency, is inviting individuals and other organizations committed to child welfare to help kick off National Foster Care Month by celebrating the inaugural National Foster Mother’s Day on the first Sunday in May.

The objective of celebrating National Foster Mother’s Day is to raise awareness for the foster care crisis in America and to help recruit foster and adoptive families so that children living in foster care will one day know the love of a forever family. The National day of recognition seeks to further an amazing initiative started by Foster Care Counts in Los Angeles to celebrate local foster mothers each year on Mother’s Day. With an understanding of the importance of having both a mother and father in the home, Bethany will celebrate National Foster Father’s Day on the first Sunday in June.

On Thursday, April 28th Kimberly Offutt will be available to you and your listeners to discuss how important foster parents are in the lives of vulnerable children and how Bethany Christian Services is committed to helping these children. Statistics show that more than 23,000 young adults age out of the foster care system each year. Bethany Christian Services deems this as unacceptable and seeks to change this through various initiatives, including Operation Forever Family – an initiative employing former foster youth as lead recruiters, coaches and mentors to teens who are still in foster care. Foster parents provide essential support, offering critical shelter and assistance to children waiting to be reunited with their biological families or placed with their forever families.


Kimberly Offutt, national foster care adoption director for Bethany Christian Services, has a Masters in Social Work (MSW) from Michigan State University.  She has 16 years of professional experience in foster care, foster home recruitment, training, licensing, and older child adoption. She is currently coordinating a national foster care adoption recruitment effort for Bethany Christian Services, the No One Without Initiative. She is also managing a federal recruitment program, Operation Forever Family, that utilizes former foster youth to recruit for youth currently waiting for an adoptive family. Personally, she has been a licensed foster parent for 12 years and has fostered 15 difficult to place teens. She and her husband also adopted four teens through the older child adoption program.

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