Kirk Langley: November 13, 2019


Learn The Importance Of Upgrading Your All-Season Tires For Winter Tires And How It Will Keep You Safe On The Road

Kirk Langley 

Regional Vice President with Discount Tire covering the Minnesota region


Before we know it, the winter chill will be here and it’s important to know how to tackle those chilly days safely and with ease. With snowfall and rain resulting in black ice, even walking outside can be hazardous.  On the road, it’s especially dangerous.


At 45 degrees, you may begin to see your breath. It’s also when all-season tires can start to lose traction and grip, which is why it’s important to take the necessary steps to preparing your car for the winter weather ahead. On Wednesday, November 13, Kirk Langley will discuss why it’s important to turn over your all-season tires for winter tires. Kirk will also share winter tire and road safety tips to keep you safe when hitting the road.


Some tips will include:

  • INVEST IN QUALITY: Prior to the winter season, consider replacing all four tires with quality winter tires. Winter tires are designed to maintain more traction and gripping capabilities in temperatures 45 degrees or below.
  • CHECK YOUR TREAD: Tread depth determines a vehicle’s safe stopping distance. You can check it by sticking a penny upside-down in a tread groove – it’s time to replace if Lincoln’s head is visible.
  • ROTATE YOUR TIRES: To increase tread life, rotate your tires every 6,000 miles or earlier if irregular wear develops.
  • PROPER AIR PRESSURE: As the outside temperature drops, so does tire inflation pressure. For every 10 degree drop in ambient temperature, your tires lose 1 PSI and can trigger your TPMS alarm.  Consider keeping a tire pressure gauge in your vehicle so you always have one on hand to check.


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More About Kirk Langley

Kirk Langley is a regional vice president with Discount Tire covering the Minnesota region. Having worked his way up over the course of 18 years in the tire industry, Kirk is today one of Discount Tire’s leading experts on tire safety. Given Kirk oversees stores in Minnesota and South Dakota, Kirk is also an expert in winter driving safety and the importance of winter tires.


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