Kristina Gregory & Peter Bavacqua: January 25, 2018

PGA of America Making Strides in Social Responsibility Commitment to Responsible Energy Consumption

Golf Courses Across America Are Seeing Environmental and Financial Improvements Due to Modern Energy Upgrades; Learn How You Can Do the Same at Home!

Kristina Gregory

VP Marketing Communication and Corporate Sponsorships & Events Constellation


Peter Bavacqua

CEO PGA of America


The PGA of America is committed to social responsibility, and responsible energy consumption is critical to its mission.  In 2016, the PGA signed a partnership with Constellation naming the company its “Official Energy Provider and Sustainability Partner.” Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy® (EME) program provides facilities with customizable upgrades and energy management tools that have the potential to cut energy costs and improve day-to-day operations. Many golf facilities are already taking steps to conserve energy and this partnership is helping them discover opportunities for savings and responsible energy use. Many clubs are finding ways to make their facilities more energy efficient, with both financial and environmental benefits. Environmental improvements and conservation measures at golf clubs can range from more efficient light fixtures and room controls to low-flow water fixtures, and even solar panels.

On January 25, Constellation’s Kristina Gregory will be available for interviews. Kristina has deep expertise in the energy market and can offer guidance on energy sustainability and the future of energy consumption. She will be joined by Peter Bavacqua, CEO from the PGA, who will discuss the organization’s Social Responsibility initiative and how Constellation is helping achieve its goals. They can each offer their perspective on the benefits of modern energy technology and how it can benefit you at home.

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More About Kristina Gregory:

Kristina Gregory is vice president, marketing communication and corporate sponsorships & events, for Baltimore-based Constellation, a leading competitive retail energy supplier and subsidiary of Exelon Corporation. She is responsible for the overall direction of Constellation’s brand and leads the development and execution of its corporate sponsorships and events strategy. She oversees the company’s NFL, MLB and NHL assets, PGA golf sponsorships, industry specific events, title sponsorships and key internal meetings.


More About Peter Bavacqua: 

CEO Peter P. Bevacqua guides the business and overall strategy of one of the world’s largest sports organizations, serving the Association’s nearly 29,000 PGA Professionals. Under his leadership, the PGA has designed and implemented a long-term strategic plan that is focused on the Association’s mission to serve the PGA Member and grow the game. The plan outlines the PGA’s strategic vision and eight core Member-focused and business-related initiatives. It also defines the PGA’s constant pursuit of excellence and commitment to innovation and collaboration, the teamwork and talent exhibited in its culture, and a devotion to diversity and inclusion throughout the Association.

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