Lauren Fix & Rob Underwood: July 22, 2021


What Consumers Need to Know About the Push for Electric Vehicles. Are We Moving Too Fast and What Could it Cost?


Lauren Fix, The Car Coach

Rob Underwood,President

Energy Marketers of America (EMA).

 In the nation’s capital and in state capitols around the country, laws and regulations are being pursued with the ultimate goal of getting rid of gas- and diesel-fueled cars and trucks. These policies come in many different packages with many different names (infrastructure bills, “zero emission vehicle” mandates, fuel economy standards, clean car and truck rules, low carbon fuel standards) but they share the central goals of making it more expensive to own any vehicle that isn’t electric and requiring the public, rather than private companies, to pay for EV charging. Already, these government approaches are hitting American drivers. Consumers need this information and policymakers need to take steps to insert consumer protections into each of these measures.


  • California announced a ban on internal combustion engine (gas- and diesel-powered) vehicles beginning in 2035. Heavy trucks must abandon gas and diesel by 2045.
  • Minnesota and New Jersey are considering “Zero Emission Vehicle” mandates identical to California’s as well as California’s more aggressive ban.
  • Utility companies in Kansas are seeking approval to charge electricity rate-payers additional money to pay for the build out of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, even though this same infrastructure is going to become a source of revenue for utilities down the line.
  • Virginia lawmakers passed a “Zero Emission Vehicle” mandate and have not allowed the public to have visibility into or take part in the regulatory process.
  •  According to a recent EMA study, building out EV charging infrastructure (just the charging port, not the additional electric grid capacity or weatherizing) will cost more than $5,000 for every electric vehicle, charging prices not included.

On July 14, the consumer Car Coach, Lauren Fix, and Rob Underwood, president of the Energy Marketers of America are available live to explain to viewers how many government policies are stealthily increasing costs for taxpayers and drivers, with the ultimate aim of pushing gas and diesel vehicles out of the picture faster than consumers would like. They can explain where government is increasing costs and what risks lie ahead as policies seek to fast-track getting fossil-fuel powered cars off the road. What could it cost consumers and what happens if the infrastructure just isn’t ready?


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Lauren Fix is a nationally recognized automotive expert, journalist, author, keynote speaker and television host. A trusted automotive expert, Lauren provides an insider’s perspective on a wide range of automotive topics, energy and safety issues for both the auto industry and consumers.

She is the automotive expert for Car Coach Reports, The Weather Channel and Inside Edition. Lauren also hosts regular radio segments on USA Radio – Day Break show. She pens The Car Coach column for NewsMax and Editor-in-Chief of Car Coach Reports.




Rob Underwood is president of the Energy Marketers of America (EMA). Energy Marketers of America is a federation of 47 state and regional trade associations representing energy marketers throughout the United States. Energy marketers represent a vital link in the energy distribution chain. The organization was previously called the Petroleum Marketers Association of America, with roots stretching back to 1909 under various names.


Interview provided by EMA and AFPM

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