Lauri Benton: April 23, 2020


The College Board Shares How Students Can Continue Their AP Coursework and Test Remotely, Providing Students an Opportunity to Earn College Credit

Lauri Benton

Senior Director, Counselor Engagement, The College Board


The unprecedented spread of coronavirus has closed schools across the country, some for the rest of the year. In response to a nationwide shift to virtual learning, the College Board has unveiled virtual supports for educators and students: free, remote learning opportunities and for the first time ever, at-home Advanced Placement (AP) testing for its 2019-20 exam administration in May.

These options will provide more than 3 million AP students worldwide the opportunity to earn the college credit and placement they’ve been working hard for all school year. The College Board surveyed 18,000 AP students and 91% indicated they want to complete this important step, urging the organization not to cancel exams.


Students can now continue preparing for exams at home with access to free, live and on-demand, mobile-friendly AP review lessons, delivered by AP teachers from across the country. Face-to-face AP Exams will be replaced by shorter, online versions that can be taken in 45-minutes at home on students’ device of choice — smartphone, tablet, or computer. Students without access to the internet or a device can contact the College Board to indicate their needs.


Online exams will be given May 11-22, 2020; make-up test dates will also be available for each subject. Details about specific AP Exams, fees and cancellations, credit and placement, calculator policies, and more will be added and continually updated on the College Board website and shared via email, through online educator communities, and social media.


To help students and parents plan for at-home AP learning and exams, Lauri Benton, a former school counselor herself, will answer questions about the new online support for AP students.




Lauri is Senior Director for Counselor Community Engagement at the College Board. In the field for 25 years, she currently leads the development of initiatives, programming and training to support school and college counseling professionals in the U.S. and internationally. Prior to College Board, Dr. Benton served as director school counseling for diverse student and family populations in public, private, and community-based organizations.


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