Lenden Eakin: January 17, 2013


Lenden Eakin

Attorney, Dealer, NRA Instructor, Hunter Education Instructor,
U.S. Army and Virginia Army National Guard

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EXECUTIVE ORDER GUN CONTROL?:  Lookin’ Down the Barrel of the Debate.  The political shootout may only be getting started. Joe Biden is planting the seed of executive-order gun control in the ear of Barack Obama, and Representatives from Congress are talking about impeachment as a possible recourse.

Lenden Eakin, is a Federal Firearms License (FFL) Dealer, NRA instructor and attorney with a unique background in gun sales made even more interesting by the added dimension of his legal expertise.

Some of the points we discussed…

On the 2nd Amendment:

1. Executive orders and legislation can subvert the Second Amendment, whether intended to do so or not. If Americans no longer want to have arms for defense of themselves and their liberty, amending the Constitution is the correct way to make that change.

2. According to history, the language of the Constitution, its context and interpretation by the Supreme Court, the Second Amendment protects the right of self preservation, self defense, defense of community and defense of liberty with arms suitable for militia use—which, arguably, includes the AR-15 as the civilian version of a standard U.S. military rifle.

3. The right to bear arms allows the American people to protect themselves and their liberties with their own weapons, if all else fails.

And, On the Notion of Arming School Personnel:

1. More laws on the books will not deter an armed madman who cares nothing for promises of punishment after his crimes, nor will they prevent him from finding or making weapons.

2. The only way to deter an armed attacker is the presence of someone with the ability to stop him. That ability could include lethal or non-lethal force, but it takes force.

3. Only responsible, law-abiding citizens should be allowed to possess weapons.

4. Belittling the use of guards in schools as simply adding more guns to a gun problem is like saying that more police cars on the highways just adds more traffic to a traffic problem. Such statements are illogical nonsense.

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