Lenwood Brooks: April 5, 2013



Lenwood Brooks

Policy Director at Public Notice

 Lenwood Brooks joined the Public Notice in May of 2011 leading the organization on all policy issues. Prior to joining Public Notice, Lenwood worked for six years on Capitol Hill where most recently he advised Senator Roger Wicker on legislation.

 The (86,000) budget-cutting ideas that got away

As seen in The Washington Post

“It’s important as part of a cultural change to make sure that we are focused on every dollar.” – Office of Management and Budget Controller Danny Werfel

By David A. Fahrenthold

After President Obama set up a national online suggestion box asking federal workers for new ways to cut the budget, 86,000 ideas came in. Some, inevitably, were a little odd.

But many others were more serious, sent in by people who had seen real government waste close up: Stop the “use it or lose it” budgeting policy, which leads agencies to blow taxpayer money at year’s end; stop giving paper  calendars to workers who already have online calendars ; stop letting every armed service design its own camouflage.

In the end, none of those things happened. Instead, those suggestions became a little-known part of the maddening story of Washington’s budget wars.

Both parties, it turns out, have made wide-ranging efforts to survey the public about smart ways to cut the budget. The public responded — and then the politicians let most of the good ideas get away.

Lenwood Brooks comments on the frustration of the budget wars and sequestration.


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