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While a number of constricting regulations imposed upon a number of different industries have been rolled back since the beginning of last year, the vast amount of remaining regulations consumers face in the United States limits the freedom of consumers to choose the product or service that best fits their needs. As we know, when regulations burden industries, prices generally rise and the number of options available to the consumer often dwindles. With less competition in an industry, the quality of the product or service begins to fall as companies have less motivation to provide consumers with quality because the consumers have few or, in some cases, no other alternatives.

In the last decade or so, regulation and government involvement in the healthcare industry has skyrocketed thanks in no small part to the Affordable Care Act. As some experts predicted upon enacting this legislation, prices have risen while consumer options have dwindled. These experts have been proven to be right according to eHealth, who estimates that the average annual healthcare costs for a family have risen from $9,242 in 2013 (the year prior to the ACA taking effect) to $20,604 in 2017. However, one method of paying for healthcare expenses continues to grow in the United States thanks largely to the freedom it offers consumers. While this method has long been a viable option to pay for healthcare expenses, the exemption members receive from the Affordable Care Act individual mandate gave it a significant boost and returned freedom to the consumers.


This method of paying for healthcare expenses is known as healthcare sharing. While healthcare sharing ministries have been around since the 1980s, major growth has been seen since the institution of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate. Healthcare sharing ministries were granted an exemption from the mandate, thanks to the fact that they were effectively operating for decades prior to the bill being signed into law. This has allowed many Americans who subscribe to the beliefs of individual freedoms and liberties set forth by healthcare sharing ministries to find a more cost-effective way to pay for their healthcare while also escaping penalties resulting from the mandate.


As faith-based organizations, these healthcare sharing ministries understand that our freedoms are given to us by our Creator and not by any state or federal government. One of the healthcare sharing ministries that strongly follows this ideology, and one of the largest ministries with over 200,000 members, is Liberty HealthShare. Similarly to most healthcare sharing ministries, Liberty HealthShare gives its members freedom in their healthcare decisions in a number of ways.

One of the main ways that Liberty HealthShare gives freedom to its members is by allowing its members to seek care from whichever doctors and hospitals they decide are best for them. While Liberty HealthShare has a provider list on its website, members are not limited to this list. The list simply features providers who have agreed to work directly with Liberty HealthShare. If a member visits a provider who is not on this list, the member self-pays (usually at a discount) and then submits the bill to Liberty HealthShare for reimbursement.

A second way that Liberty HealthShare keeps healthcare freedom in the hands of its members is by not requiring members to contribute toward medical costs that violate their moral and ethical beliefs. Upon joining, Liberty HealthShare members agree to a set of sharing guidelines, which state that members will not contribute to medical expenses arising from abortions, contraceptives, sex changes, alcohol, drugs, or illegal acts. This allows members to assuage their conscience, knowing that they are not contributing to immoral or unethical acts while also ensuring that their sharing amounts are used only for medically necessary expenses.


A third way that Liberty HealthShare returns freedom to its members is by providing them the ability to join and leave the program any time they choose. Liberty HealthShare allows members to join any time and begin their membership on the first day of the following month. Additionally, members can leave the program whenever they choose, meaning that if a member determines that healthcare sharing isn’t a perfect fit, he or she can cancel at any time.


In a time when the future of healthcare costs is under intense scrutiny, healthcare sharing ministries provides consumers with the ability to maintain the freedom given to them by God, instead of being infringed upon by an overreaching government. Healthcare sharing ministries take the government out of healthcare and allow like-minded people to “bear one another’s burdens” when it comes to medical expenses. As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, it’s no surprise that membership in these ministries continues to grow, as they continue to provide members with much-needed protection against rising medical costs.


Now that you are armed with some key knowledge as to how healthcare sharing ministries empower their members to take control of their healthcare costs, you too can choose freedom in your healthcare cost decisions by joining a healthcare sharing ministry.


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