March 2, 2017

The Politically Incorrect Jesus, America-Return To God & Norma McCorvey

Join Bill Martinez Live from Orlando, FL for The Final Day of Proclaim 17, NRB’s International Christian Media Convention


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Joe Battaglia discusses The Politically Incorrect Jesus: Living Boldly in a Culture of Unbelief.

Dr Alveda King Calls America To Return to God.

Janet Morano & Father Frank Pavone remember Norma McCorvey, and her unborn baby as the unsuspecting pawns in Roe v Wade.

Anne Paulk is helping educate, counsel and encourage those struggling with same-sex attractions through The Restored Hope Network.

Timothy Mahoney, filmmaker of Thinking Man Films, the company behind the award-winning documentary Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus discusses its newest DVD series, PATTERNS OF EVIDENCE: YOUNG EXPLORERS.

Elizabeth Romero presents Bank of America Survey That Reveals Significantly More Optimism about Growth Prospects, as Hispanic Entrepreneurs Lean on Strong Support Systems of Family, Friends and Community.


Peggy Miracle Consolver talks about her latest novel, Shepherd, Potter, Spy―and the Star Namer.  This makes both the people and the God of the Old Testament real in a novel that tells the story of the Gibeonites in the days of Joshua when God made the sun stand still to allow the Israelites time to defeat their enemies.


Josh Newell, Jesus Film Project marketing & communications director talks about this project being a fulfillment of a dream.

Victoria Hearst says Cosmo is hurting our kids.  She is the granddaughter of publisher William Randolph Hearst of the Hearst Corporation empire and the Founder and President of Praise Him Ministries in Montrose, CO.

Troy Carl, the Vice President of Faith Comes by Hearing updates us on The Military BibleStick.


Mark Hitchcock talks about is new book, The Coming Apostasy, Are we on the verge of a great apostasy in the church?

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