March 23, 2016

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 Christopher Arps
Christopher Arps – Cuba doesn’t hold any political prisoners?  And POTUS said nothing.  Arps is a Missouri-based political consultant and co-founder of
Horace Cooper – President Obama has truly let down America and the supporters of freedom all over the globe with his recognition of Cuba says Cooper, Project 21 National Advisory Board and a legal commentator.
Paul Kengor – Obama Atones For America’s Sins In Cuba.  Dr. Kengor, professor of political science and executive director of The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College explains.
Ryan Mauro – Terror In Belgium.  Mauro, National Security Analyst and Adjunct Professor of Homeland Security discusses the affects on America as well.

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Eric Wilson – The healthcare expert and principal of Wilson Associates explain why so many are bailing Obamacare.
Scott Harrison – Help Lift The Burden And Bring Clean Water To Ethiopia on this National Water Day.  Harrison, founder and CEO of charity: water discusses.
John Horvat II – What’s The One Missing Word In Election Debates?  Horvat, a scholar, researcher, educator, international speaker and author of “Return to Order,” explains.
Dr Elaina George – The Healthcare Rhetoric vs The Reality.  Dr George is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist.

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