March 28, 2016

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Liz Peek – The GOP Should Stop Hillary, Not Trump If They Want to Win. Peek, is a columnist for and The Fiscal Times. She spent over 20 years on Wall Street, most of them as a top-ranked research analyst.
Matt Towery – Use the News to Make Money.  Matt is a nationally syndicated columnist, pollster, attorney, political strategist, and a former state legislator.
Jerry Newcombe – Liberals Are The True Censors.  Dr Newcombe serves as the co-host and a spokesperson for Truth that Transforms (formerly The Coral Ridge Hour), the television outreach of the late Dr. D. James Kennedy.

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Avi Melamed – Avi Melamed is author of the new book, Inside the Middle East.  An internationally acclaimed Middle East expert and former Senior official on Arab Affairs and Intelligence official.
Tom Borelli – The Weaponization of the Department of Justice. Dr Borelli is a contributor with Conservative Review and is an authority on energy policy and crony capitalism.
Steve Moore – Presidential Campaign Politics And The Economy-Does It Make Any Sense?  Moore is an economic consultant with Freedom Works and a Fox News contributor.

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