March 3, 2016

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Ryan Girdusky – Super Tuesday: Trump wins big with young voters, breaks turnout records reports Girdusky columnist for Red Alert Politics.
Erik Milito – The President Once Again Punishes Those That Produce and Use Fossil Fuels!  Milito is the director of Upstream and Industry Operations for the American Petroleum Institute.
Richard Quest – CNN Aviation Correspondent Discusses the True Story of the Hunt for the Missing Malaysian Plane.
Steve “The Movie Guy” Evans – Live from the movie capital of the world, Hollywood, CA, The Movie Guy reports on the Oscars and the weekend’s big winners at the box office.

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Jean-Pierre Isbouts – Jean-Pierre Isbouts is a historian and doctoral professor at Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, California. He has written books on art, history and biblical archaeology, including best-sellers “The Biblical World” and “In the Footsteps of Jesus.”

Caralyn Vessal – Tis The Season to Boost Your Immune System.  Great advice from Vessal, female entrepreneur, inventor and developer of an organic, non-GMO tasty vitamin C drink.
Mike Cutler – CONCERNS OF AMERICANS FROM ALL POLITICAL PERSUASIONS IGNORED IN IMMIGRATION POLICIES.  Are you listening?  Cutler is one of America’s foremost experts on U.S. law enforcement at a Federal level.

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