March 3, 2017

Trump Puts Democrats On Their Heels, & Session Recuses Himself Plus Press Coverage of Trump in First Month of Office, & Life With Lauren

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Megan Barth – Trump’s Joint Session Speech, & Now Session’s Turn To Be Part of the Latest Witch Hunt.  Barth, is the Founder and Proprietor of, and a nationally recognized political commentator and women’s advocate.

Lauren Kitchens-Steward – She has enjoyed over 25 years in the media, a National Radio Personality, College Professor, and Motivational Speaker. LoLo presents her latest episode of A Day in the Life of Lauren.

Jordan Goodman – How Long Will The Bulls Run, and small business optimism on the rise. Jordan is “America’s Money Answers Man” and a nationally recognized expert on personal finance.

Samantha Mills-Mao – The Good News Girl reports on the most popular viral videos from the internet.

John Bona – The Liberty Book: How Freedom Can and Will Be Won. Bona is Executive Producer of documentary films entitled Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure and Unstoppable by Kirk Cameron.


Michael Rubin – High Hopes for Lt Gen HR McMaster National Security Advisor Plus Russia, Iran, N Korea, the Threats Just Keep On Coming. Rubin is a Resident Scholar with AEI and former Pentagon Official.  He is a Middle East regional politics, Iran, Syria, and Persian Gulf expert.

Al Johnson – Talks Ravens Challenge.  Johnson served 12 years in the US Army EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal), where he deployed twice to the Middle East, commanding various task forces and an EOD company.

Derek Thompson – HIT MAKERS: The Science of Popularity in an Age of Distraction. Thompson is a senior editor at The Atlantic magazine, where he writes about economics and the media.

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