March 6, 2017

Who Bugged Trump Tower? Trump Flips Script on Media & Dems Scrambling

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Dr Anne Pierce – Did Obama Bug Trump Election Headquarters? And Top Sources Say Trump Believes North Korea Is America’s Greatest Threat.  Dr Pierce is an author, commentator and scholar in the areas of American Presidents, American Foreign Policy and American Society. Her foreign policy work emphasizes both national security and global stability, and human rights and political freedom.

Ed Brodow – Trump Flips Script on Media-Dems Are Scrambling.  This Is Reality TV. Brodow, author of the brand new book, In Lies We Trust: How Politicians and the Media Are Deceiving the American Public.

Bob Drury – Lucky 666, The Impossible Mission, One of the Last Great Untold Stories of WWII.  Drury is the author/co-author of 9 books, and has written for numerous publications including The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Men’s Journal, and GQ.


Paul Young – He is the author of the Best-Selling book and now the movie, The Shack. Paul shares his personal story behind the book and the movie.

Bob Waliszewski – Bob reviews: “The Shack,” “Logan,” “Rock Dog,” and the Tuesday night Fathom Event, “Is Genesis History?”  He is Focus on the Family’s Director of Media and Culture—And director of Focus’ Plugged In department which features the popular Plugged In website,


David Horowitz – Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America. David is the founder and chairman of the David Horowitz Freedom Center which is dedicated to the defense of free societies whose moral, cultural and economic foundations are under attack by enemies both secular and religious, at home and abroad.

David Rubin – Palestinian State or Israeli Sovereignty in the West Bank – After the Trump-Netanyahu Meeting, What’s Next?  Rubin has become the trusted voice of Israel, Best Selling Author, Israel Relations and Political Commentator and is the former mayor of Shiloh, Israel.

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