March 7, 2016

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Michael Daugherty – NY Judge: US Cannot Make Apple Provide iPhone Data To FBI plus PRIVACY VS. SECURITY- DO YOU TRUST THE GOVERNMENT? Daugherty, is a Senior Writer for Cyber Defense Magazine.
Jim Hoft – Bernie Sanders a Bum Who Didn’t Earn His First Steady Paycheck Until Age 40, Then Wormed His Way Into Politics. Hoft founded The Gateway Pundit blog in 2004 after the presidential election.
Craig Shirley – Remembering Our First Lady, Nancy Reagan.  Craig Shirley is an authority on Reagan having lectured at the Reagan Library, and is a member of the Board of Governors of the Reagan Ranch.

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michael reagan
Michael Reagan
Yancy Caruthers – Northwest of Eden is a real story of dust, blistering heat, treating wounded soldiers, and surviving the emotional toll of war. Caruthers served 20 years in the U.S. Army Reserves, while simultaneously advancing his civilian career as a Registered Nurse.
Bob Waliszewski – Zootopia Scores Big At The Box Office & The Young Messiah Is Coming.  Waliszewski is Focus on the Family’s Director of Media and Culture— And director of Focus’ Plugged In department.

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Gustavo Arrellano
David Kinnaman
Tom Borelli
 Chuck-N-Baker    Veterans=A-Motion-Picture
Chuck Baker –  an award-winning journalist who is also a Purple Heart Army veteran of the Vietnam War.  He has written several books on varied topics, but has recently produced a documentary entitled “VETERANS: A Motion Picture.”  He has long been aware that mainstream media paints negative pictures of many returning veterans, writing that they have PTSD, they are unemployable, that many are criminals, etc.


  1. Thanks Bill for having me on the show today. It was great hearing about your dad’s service in WW2 – the stories of war are moments that shape people’s lives – that’s why I told my story in ‘Northwest of Eden’ and why I am telling the stories of other Army medics in ‘Medic!’ For the bad or the good, this is part of the history of our great nation.

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