Maria Menounos: September 20, 2018



Maria Menounos

Actress, Journalist, Television Host

Did you know that while more than 88% of Americans said they felt better about eating a home cooked meal, only about half of the respondents were cooking as often as they wanted? The other half cited lack of variety in what they cooked and difficulty figuring out what to cook as the top reasons they weren’t cooking more. So how is one to juggle demanding schedule and still squeeze in time in the kitchen? Celebrity TV host, cookbook author and lifestyle expert, Maria Menounos has the answer!

To help consumers spark or rekindle a love of cooking and give them a platform to celebrate their kitchen successes,  On Thursday, September 20th, Maria will share just how easy it is to whip up one of their delicious meals in their kitchens and she’ll also explain how viewers can enter Home Chef’s “Meal Makeover” Sweepstakes for a chance to win cooking essentials.


As a journalist, Emmy Award Winner, Maria Menounos, holds the distinct honor of having conducted the only interview with the entire Obama family. The interview was touted by ABC News as one of the defining moments leading to Obama’s victory. Maria’s achievements have thus far set industry milestones. Her groundbreaking conversational style of reporting led her, at the age of 22, to become the youngest person ever to host “Entertainment Tonight.” She would go on to do the same for the “Today” show and “Nightly News.”    The milestones don’t end there. Maria is the first person in the history of Hollywood to report for network news and star in a wide-release feature film. As an actress, on the big screen, she has appeared in TROPIC THUNDER, KICKIN IT OLD SKOOL and THE FANTASTIC FOUR. Small-screen acting endeavors include guest roles on CBS’ “Without a Trace,” NBC’s “Scrubs” and HBO’s “Entourage” as well as a recurring role on the CW’s “One Tree Hill.”  She was also the longest running international spokesperson and face of Pantene hair care products and is the current Host of NCM’s ‘First Look’, the cinema pre-show seen daily on 70% of America’s movie screens. As a digital producer and entrepreneur, Maria, along with husband Keven Undergaro, co-founded AfterBuzz TV, the largest online broadcast network that produces over 300 TV ‘after-shows’ for favorite TV shows, is comprised of over 250 hosts, features daily celebrity guests and broadcasts weekly to over 20 million people from over 100 countries.  In addition, along with Undergaro, she co-founded Popcorn Talk, a movie discussion network that reaches 2 million.  Per Maria, the collective networks carry a mission to aid, mentor and nurture the careers aspiring hosts and journalists.  To that point, AfterBuzz has helped launch the careers of former AfterBuzz TV hosts, Beth Behrs (Two Broke Girls), Eboni K. Williams (Fox News), Kat Bailess (Hit the Floor), Jackie Miranne (VH-1), Stephanie Bauer (Access Hollywood), Suri Serano (ESPN), Deidre Behar (Entertainment Tonight), AJ Gibson (Hollywood Today), Derrial Christon (BET), Chloe West (Moviefone), Cathy Kelley (WWE), Christy St. Cloud (WWE), Daria Berenato (WWE), Roxy Striar (Screen Junkies), Alex Wehrley (E! News) to name a few.  In addition to being a champion of talent, Maria is particularly passionate about helping fellow women young and old.  She also loves animals and is avid in pet rescue. A girl who did not speak English until the first grade and one who worked as a janitor cleaning Boston nightclubs throughout her adolescence, Maria is proof that you can come from humble beginnings and succeed. Most importantly, she is proof that you can remain true to yourself and humble and still care deeply for others.

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