Matt Bracken: January 20, 2014

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Former Navy SEALAlas, Brave New Babylon COVER

Matt Bracken

on the Bill Martinez LIVE

Monday Jan. 20th

11:32 AM Eastern Time




Discusses latest military movie, Lone Survivor, Benghazi & Fast and Furious.  Bracken latest novel, “Alas, Brave New Babylon” gives us an insight of things yet to come to America, lest we stand for our U.S. Constitution, ethics and morality.  


Lawlessness is already raising its head around our country, but it need to be confronted.  There’s a lot to learn from some poor military examples, though there have been a few worthy to emulate.  Soldiers who put country ahead of their own survival.  


If only we could get our political leaders to do the same?TheBrackenAnthology-COVER


Bracken’s latest novel, “Alas, Brave New Babylon”  deals with societal breakdown with no electricity; cannibalism and a history teacher surviving in the backwoods near the Carolinas & Georgia tri-state Appalachian begins to reflect on the causes of civilizational collapse. 


…………all this begs the question with Hillary Clinton as our highly experienced “what difference does it make!!!” former Madame Secretary of State….how would she handle a crisis from the Oval office like the one Matt Bracken maps out and what does her hands on approach portend for Americas future if anarchy breaks out?



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