May 1, 2017

Are Dems Hurting Themselves & The Country? N Korean Menace & Healthcare Possible

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Are Dems Destining Themselves For Doom By Not Following Trump’s Lead and The Next 100 Days? Plus, The North Korean Menace Getting More Serious Everyday, Is Bannon’s Exit Ramp Leading To Heritage, & The Latest Healthcare Push Gaining Momentum?  And did you hear Mr Holland’s Opus? Welcome to the home of the experts where we detail what’s behind the eight second sound bite on this very independent Bill Martinez Live.

Dr Herb London – Kim Readies for War, Senators Told Issue Is Very Grave and Hawaii Is Under Threat. London, is president of the London Center for Policy Research and the author of the new book, Leading From Behind: The Obama Doctrine and the U.S. Retreat From International Affairs.



Walt Gragg – An Army Veteran’s Debut Novel is a Military Thriller That Pits Russia Against America in a New Cold War. He is a retired attorney. Prior to law school, he spent a number of years in the military. His time with the Army involved many interesting assignments including three years in the middle of the Cold War at United States European Command Headquarters in Germany where the idea for THE RED LINE took shape.


Michael Cannell 


Lewis Uhler – Tax Cuts,  Reform, & Balanced Budget Amendment.  Uhler is founder and President of the National Tax Limitation Committee, one of the Nation’s leading grass roots taxpayer lobbies, with offices in the Sacramento Area (Roseville) and Washington, DC.


Timothy Smith – The Chamberlain Key: Unlocking the God Code to Reveal Divine Messages Hidden in the Bible.”  Smith is a noted appraiser and conservator of artifacts and antiquities. He is the president of Timothy Smith & Sons in Onancock, Virginia, which sells antiques and fine arts as well as offers appraisal and restoration services.  The Chamberlain Key is Smith’s first book.


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