May 12, 2016

Iran Nuclear Deal Full of Spin, Power of Encouragement & Big Screen News

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Herb London – The President’s hard sale of the nuclear deal with the mullahs was chock full of spin and half-truths. Has this been the most deceptive (not transparent) administration ever?  Only if lies matter. 
Jeff Kemp – Former NFL QB, reminds us that when we are faced with discouragement, the best antidote is to Encourage someone else.  Jeff Kemp helps in FACING YOUR BLITZ. 
Steve, The Movie Guy Evans – Captain America didn’t quite make it to $200 million, but it did take #1 honors last weekend. Steve, The Movie Guy reports on the  Latest Box Office News & Coming Attractions, from the movie capitol of the world. 

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Steven Gottesfeld & Ed Cueto – “Harvesting Heroes”: New Campaign Recognizes Healthcare Professionals While Raising Money for the American Heart Association (AHA).
Ariel Cohen – Does Sander’s win in West Virginia make any difference?  The “Mo” seems to be in Bernie’s favor but not the delegates. Cohen is a campaign reporter at the Washington Examiner.
Dr. Kevin Gutzman – What Would The Founding Fathers Think About Donald Trump? Dr Gutzman is Professor and Chairman in the Department of History at Western Connecticut State University. 
Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood – It’s official if MIT says so, “Is Islamophobia Accelerating Global  Warming?” Wood, author and lecturer who has studied elite globalization policies since the late 1970’s explains.
Michael-Davis    Union-Bound-Poster
Mike Davis – The Civil War Comes to Life in the Harrowing True Story of Union Soldier Joseph Hoover in Union Bound.  The movie’s producer, Mike Davis is back with us to share. 
Jeff Stier – And as if the Feds are not already too much in our business, they’ve announced tougher regs for e-cigarettes. Stier is a Senior Fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research in Washington, D.C.
Arjun Rastogi – Students Take on U.S. National Debt in Up to Us Competition. The College of William & Mary student and team member of the first place winning group for the nationwide Up to Us competition discusses.

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