May 16, 2016

Can GOP Find Unity, Bathroom Confusion & Aiello Bros, Producer, Screenwriter Talk About Risen

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Bob Beauprez – Can GOP Find Unity & Harmony? And, Not So Smooth Sailing for Hillary & Dems
Nathan Tabor – Who Wants Men In The Stall Next To Their Daughters? Is A Constitutional Crisis Rising? 
Patrick & Paul Aiello – And RISEN is also now one of the top 10 highest grossing faith films of all time, The Aiello Brothers Patrick the movie’s producer and Paul, the screen writer are here to discuss.
Bill Federer – Until His Death President Roosevelt Made It Clear, The US Would Not Recognize A Jewish State-Then Comes Truman.  

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Marsha Blackburn – Chair for the Select Investigative Committee on Infant Lives held its second hearing examining more closely the ethical corner-cutting and profiteering involved in harvesting and selling organs
Bob Waliszewski – And Captain America Still Holding #1 Position At Box Office. 
Mario Lopez – Is It Too Late For Trump To Build A Relationship With The Hispanic Voters?  And Another FCC Overreach that Hurts Consumers Plan for TV Set-Top Boxes is Government at its Worst. 
Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird – Former Models Talk About Cultural Distortions of Gender, Identity, Femininity.


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