May 18, 2017

Trump Hysteria Abounds-Mostly In MSM, and Former FBI Chief To Investigate Russia

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“If this is food for obstruction of justice, it is still an awfully thin soup.” Jonathan Turley Noted Liberal Law Professor.  “I-word” Recklessly Being Thrown Around-Media Driven.  Former FBI Chief to oversee Russia election investigation as special counsel.  Could There Be Broader Discovery?  Is this more a media driven crisis?  Join the discussion on this very independent Bill Martinez Live.


Donald Devine – You Are Right Mr. President—Shut The Swamp Mess Down.  Devine is a senior scholar at the Fund for American Studies, the author of America’s Way Back: Reclaiming Freedom, Tradition, and Constitution, and was Ronald Reagan’s director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management during his first term.

Steve Evans – Live from the movie capital of the world, Hollywood, CA, The Movie Guy reports the weekend’s big winners at the box office and the best of the coming attractions.

Michael Daugherty – Manhunt for hackers behind global cyberattack.  Daugherty, is a Senior Writer for Cyber Defense Magazine and is a Board Member at SnoopWall: The Global Leader in Affordable Breach Prevention. He is author of The Devil Inside the Beltway.

Kathy Cummings – Millennial Homeowners’ Advice To Peers: Get Off The Sidelines: Second Annual Bank of America Survey Explores Homebuying Trends and Behaviors.  Cummings is the Affordable Housing Programs Executive for Bank of America Home Loans Neighborhood Lending team.

Ryan Mauro – ‘Life is horrible’: Syria’s Christians fear total genocide Plus Faithkeepers: The Groundbreaking Movie Demanding Action on Christian Persecution.  Mauro is the National Security Analyst for the Clarion Project, a nonprofit organization that educates the public about the threat of Islamic extremism.

Col Denny Gillem – Tackling Terrorism.  After graduating from West Point, Colonel Gillem served 22 years in the Army, first as an Airborne Ranger with two combat tours, for which he was awarded two purple hearts and seven awards for Valor.


Marc Shapiro – Trump This: The Life And Times Of Donald Trump, An Unauthorized Biography.  Shapiro is the author of more than 75 celebrity biographies that include Behind Sad Eyes: The Life And Times Of George Harrison, Hey Joe: The Unauthorized Biography Of A Rock Classic.

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