May 3, 2016

Can Trump Close It Out In Indiana?  Climate Debate Has Re-opened & Viral Videos

The Indiana Primary is Today and is this Ted Cruz’s last stand and does Trump Close the deal?  And a quick review of last night’s Climate Hustle movie.

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Stephen Rowley – It’s small business month and we have tips for entrepreneurs. Rowley serves as Senior Vice President of Cox Business.
Samantha Mills – The Good News Girl is back with her latest batch of Viral Videos 
Andrea-Tantaros    Tied-Up-In-Knots_COVER    CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
Andrea Tantaros  Talks about her new book, “Tied Up In Knots, How Getting What We Wanted Made Women Miserable.”  Really?

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Shawnae-Jebbia    Dr-Tish-Ramirez

Dr Tish Ramirez & Shawnae Jebbia – Dr Ramirez, and Miss USA Jebbia dispell misconceptions around hearing loss.
MJ Corcoran – Explains How to Talk to Your Teen about Drinking-Anheuser-Busch Teams-Up with The Second City to Provide a New Approach to Initiate Underage Drinking Prevention Dialogue with Parents and Teens.
Tom Corbett – Bill Clinton’s former welfare architect and reformer shares lessons and insights after decades of experience.
Marc Morano – And we talk with about the great Climate Hustle, the movie that will screened 7p tonight nationally on 400 screens; a Fathom Event.  Climate Hustle examines the science on both sides of the issue …and lets 30 scientists and other experts expose the climate scares and scams. Hosted by Morano, a former Republican political aide who founded and runs the climate-skeptic website – See more at:
Comedian Michael Loftus drops in to laugh a little over President Barack Obama’s final White House Correspondents’ Dinner.
Bess Yount – Head of Facebook’s SMB Community Engagement team has some great advice for small businesses and how they can utilize Facebook more effectively.
Justin Danof – General Electric Criticized for Religious Liberty Hypocrisy at Shareholder Meeting & Coke Management Urges Shareholders to Oppose Transparency Proposal.  Danhof is the General Counsel for the National Center for Public Policy Research.
David French – In Tennessee, a Federal Judge Disenfranchises Pro-Life Voters.  French is a staff writer at National Review, an attorney (concentrating his practice in constitutional law and the law of armed conflict), and a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.


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