May 30, 2016

Remembering Why Memorial Day, Socialism’s Slow Creep, & Trump Counter Hat

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Bruce Kauffmann – Remembering Memorial Day, America’s Fallen and their families who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms. Plus remembering Astronaut Sally Kristen Ride-“Ride Sally Ride.”  Kauffmann is an awarding-winning syndicated columnist, historian, author and speaker.
Dr Samuel Gregg – What are the roots of the ‘slow-motion’ socialism that’s creeping into America? Gregg is director of research at the Acton Institute.
Jeff Crouere – Home Depot Employee Insists America Was Never Great To Begin With, and she had the hat to prove it.  Crouere is a New Orleans native son, and former Executive Director of the LA Republican Party.
Robert Miller – VETERANS VOICES: Remarkable Stories of Heroism, Sacrifice, and Honor.  Miller, a professional photographer for thirty-six years and recipient of several international awards shares some touching stories.
Ruth LaToison Ifill & Paul Cruz – Talk about “Operation GoodJobs”-Connecting Vets to Their Next Missions. Goodwill® and The Walmart Foundation Helped 6,306 of America’s Heroes Find Jobs
Bernard Kerik, Ron Jeziorski, Pat Lassiter – The “Commish”, a former Norte Dame Champion and Vietnam Vet, and noted blogger discuss the VA Failings and solutions.
 Plus Andrew & Adam Marr, Negin Farsad and Christopher Harris talk, Coming back from TBI, How to Make White People Laugh and the end of Valedictorians and Salutatorians?
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