May 9, 2016

Can The Disrupter-In-Chief Disrupt The Right Things, Are Vets Better Off? Jobs?

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Liz Peek – and Fiscal Times columnist asks, The Disruptor-In-Chief Has Vanquished 16 Competitors, But Can He Disrupt The Economy? And Can The GOP Handle The Disruption Within The Party’s Conservatives
Dan Caldwell – Hillary Clinton’s says that the problems at the VA are not as “widespread” as has been reported

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Michael Loftus – Why a comedian never wants to follow POTUS.  About as tough as following kids and puppies.
Peter Tanous – Economic and investor expert, Tanous is here to explain how we can Learn from Buffett’s Wisdom-The 30-Minute Millionaire is his latest book. 
Lucy Kalanithi – Then we’ll discuss the #1 New York Times Best Seller – When Breath Becomes Air – from meditation on mortality to a celebration of life. 
George Lombardi – and let’s talk, Why Trump is the best choice to bring GOOD jobs to America from someone who is an expert (Former Executive Director of the International council for Economic Development) and knows Trump very well.


LT Col Scott Mann – Donald Trump gave a much-anticipated foreign policy speech & What Trump Didn’t Say that Warriors Know.  Mann, is a former Lt. Col and Green Beret, spent 23 years in the Army Special Forces Career involved in Foreign Internal Defense, Counter-insurgency, and Stability Missions.
Julie Kelly – Quaker Oats claims to provide “wholesome goodness,” but does it? Food expert and advocate explains.
Curtis Ellis – Executive Director of the American Jobs Alliance and columnist for says, “Trump is right on trade.”

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