Melissa Bastos: November 16, 2016

How Much Will We Spend This Holiday Season?

Cotton Incorporated Shares Results from Ongoing Lifestyle Monitor Survey


Melissa Bastos

Director of Market Research at Cotton Incorporated


Think you’ve unmasked every untruth about the holiday season? Think again. For more than 20 years Cotton Incorporated’s Lifestyle Monitor™survey has kept its finger on the pulse of consumer behavior and preferences.  Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the week before Christmas all will have popular holiday sales events with consumers taking advantage of layaway, ship to store options and social media opportunities to save.

From how much consumers plan to spend, to what they plan on spending, Melissa Bastos is available to you and your listeners on November 16thand can give your listeners insight to what Americans are thinking this holiday season.

More About Melissa Bastos:

Melissa Bastos serves as the Director, Market Research in the Corporate Strategy and Program Metrics Department of Cotton Incorporated. In her role, Melissa is responsible for the consumer attitudinal and consumption studies as well as retail assessments conducted in the US, China, Latin America, and India, including the Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor™ and Retail Monitor™ research. For more than 15 years Melissa has researched and presented on consumer and retail behavior in over 18 countries.

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