Michael Biltz: February 25, 2020


20th Annual Accenture Technology Vision Report Finds That Companies Must Do a Better Job of Balancing Business Value with People’s Values


Michael Biltz

Managing Director of the Accenture Technology Vision



According to the 20th annual Technology Vision report from Accenture, even though people are embedding technology into their lives more than ever before, organizations’ attempts to meet their needs and expectations can fall short. As companies work to deliver on their digital promises — and in a world where digital technology is everywhere — a new mindset and approach is required.


While some have referred to today’s environment as a “tech-lash,” or backlash against technology, that fails to appreciate the extent to which society is using and benefitting from technology. Rather, it’s a tech-clash—a clash between old models that don’t meet people’s expectations today. But tech-clash is a challenge that can be solved. To succeed moving forward, organizations must focus on balancing “value” with “values,” aligning their drive to create business value with their customers’ and employees’ values and expectations.


On February 25th, Michael Biltz is available to you and your listeners to discuss insights from the Accenture Technology Vision 2020, which is based on a survey of more than 6,000 business executives and 2,000 consumers. He can share the key tech trends that will impact businesses over the next three years and speak about how companies should prepare to capitalize on the opportunities and challenges ahead.


For more information please visit www.accenture.com/technologyvision  



Michael Biltz leads Accenture’s Technology Vision R&D group and the company’s annual technology visioning process. Through Accenture’s Technology Vision, Michael defines Accenture’s perspective on the future of technology beyond the current conversations about social, cloud, mobility, and big data to focus on how technology will impact the way we work and live.


The Technology Vision is intended to identify the future technology trends that will have a significant business impact over the next three years. It serves as a guide for how Accenture advises its so that they are in the best position to take advantage of technology shifts and developments. The Vision provides guidance on what companies should do short-term, as well as over the coming years to prepare for and adapt to these future technology changes.


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