Michael Connelly: April 11, 2017

So few people really understand what “cloture” means…

So few people really understand what “cloture” means and how this rule empowers a minority of senators to filibuster and block legislation or appointments.  As Michael Connelly explained this morning, it means if you’re senator is in the majority, the “cloture” rule means his vote is worth less than 1 vote.  And minority senators’ vote equals 1+, so with this congressional math, 40-43 can be bigger than 57-60, and the majority is blocked from doing their job.

How does this make any sense?  This is why you need to study this further.  Listen to this interview with Michael Connelly and let your senators and Mitch McConnell know that you want their senators vote to count, as originally intended by our constitution. One senator, one vote, this was the original rule of the senate.

The unintended consequences of them messing with the original system has led us to where we are now.  Gridlocked and a “tit for tat” legislative process.  Disarm the Harry Reid Nuclear option and do what our founding fathers established in our constitution.

It’s time to get back to the original model, 51 votes on everything in the Senate.  Let’s get our government moving again.  Contact your senators and Mitch McConnell today.

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