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CEO Selective Search


Americans are busier than ever, making it challenging for the 52% of us who are still single to commit time to finding “The One.” In today’s busy world, time is a precious, irretrievable asset and with us outsourcing everything from dog walkers to personal trainers to financial advisors, why not outsource our love life as well?

The cost of finding a committed relationship today is extensive. It is well known that time is money, and the financial investment you make on each date can add up quickly, many times only to find out it isn’t going to work out after investing your time and effort into the courtship process. Thus, many are turning to Selective Search to do the leg work before the first date even occurs.

Mitch Berk CEO of Selective Search, North America’s leading matchmaking firm. is available for interviews February 14th to let singles know that there is hope of finding the perfect match! He can talk about the Meet Your Match recruiting methodology which combines executive recruiting sensibilities with matchmaking intuition, resulting in an extremely effective process in helping people meet the love of their lives.  Selective Search boasts an industry high 87% success rate and has taken the labor out of finding love through their strategic relationship process.



  • 34% of Selective Search clients find love with their first date, and 48% of them find love within four dates.
  • Responsible for over 3,900 happy couples.
  • An industry high 87% success rate.


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Mitch Berk is a successful business owner/operator whose entrepreneurial style combines creative vision with superb sales and management skills. Mitch is a charismatic and highly motivated individual whose passion and energy are contagious.  He is a team builder who maximizes the potential of employees and managers at every level.  Financially, Mitch is a bottom line executive who instinctively knows how to find efficiencies, leverage value opportunities, and deliver budgeted margins and profit goals. Mitch believes that success is a result of properly identifying the strategic opportunity, creating a plan to support the initiative, and managing its flawless execution.

Since graduating from the University of Missouri, School of JournalismIn1978, Mitch has been operating through three leading platforms, the Jovan Fragrance Company, Entertainment Marketing, Inc.(EMI), the Company he founded in 1985, and Selective Search LLC.  Through those platforms, Mitch has been a leader in reaching consumers via innovative means in a number of different and varied product/service categories including:  beer, liquor, financial services, telecommunications, fashion, retail, sports, entertainment, QSR, and currently Executive Matchmaking Services.

Mitch is recognized as the founder and one of the pioneers of the music sponsorship and “entertainment marketing” categories which have grown to become multi-billion dollar industries. Mitch created the first corporate and entertainment union between Jovan Fragrances and The Rolling Stones in 1981 and was deeply involved in the production of The Super Bowl Shuffle, the largest selling sports video of all time.

Marketing innovation has always been a key goal for Mitch, who was involved in the development of the highly successful Jovan in-store merchandising and retail inventory management systems, and in creating unique and award winning marketing executions for many of his EMI clients.

As an avid athlete and sports enthusiast, Mitch enjoys basketball, weight training, snow skiing, golf, and biking.  If it involves athletics and competition, Mitch can be found at the center of it.  Over the years, Mitch also coached in a variety of youth sports.

In addition to the rigorous personal and professional schedule that Mitch adheres to, he is also involved in a number of charities such as United States Holocaust Museum, JUF, Women In Need, The Sterny Way Foundation, and The Support Group, where Mitch served on the Board of Directors.  Mitch also supports various youth and family programs, and has lectured at his Alma Mater and at Northwestern University.

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