Maija DiGiorgio: June 7, 2018

Up and Coming Comedienne
Performing At Lipstick ‘N Laughter in New Orleans



Maija DiGiorgio

Actress, Comedienne – Performer at Lipstick ‘N Laughter


Lipstick & Laughter, our new comedy platform showcasing established and emerging female comedians of color.  The show premiers on Thursday, July 5, 2018 at 8pm at the Joy Theater in New Orleans, during this year’s Essence Festival.  The show benefit IWES, the Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies., a non-profit organization based in New Orleans.

The new comedy platform offers a hub for the fresh, funny voices of women comics of color to reach an underserved market of comedy lovers.  With women composing only 25% of comedians and with women of color having even less of a presence on stage and as comedy writers, Lipstick & Laughter offers an opportunity for established comedians and emerging talent to thrive and perform for enthusiastic audiences.

Lipstick & Laughter is a branded property of the Power of Lipstick, a consumer lifestyle brand with products, content and collective live experiences that celebrate women of color.

On June 7th Maija DiGiorgio is available to you and your listeners to discuss hosting Lipstick and Laughter and what it’s like to be such an inspiration to comics and young girls all over the world.



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More About Maija DiGiorgio

Maija DiGiorgio is a comedian, actress, and film director from New York City. “As the daughter of an Italian native father, an African American mother, an Irish step mom, a Korean aunt and an old Sicilian grandmother. I don’t know whether to be aggressive aggressive, passive aggressive, passive passive or slave slave.” Maija’s comedy is her personal commentary on dating, relationships, heritage, politics, culture and more. Maija enjoys making people laugh through her translation of the human condition, peppered with stories from different times of her life.

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