November 1, 2016

Clinton’s Longest Week, Best Viral Videos, & Is NATO Worth It?  Trump Right?

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Bob Bueaprez – Hillary Clinton and the MSM’s Longest Week.  Beauprez, Political analyst / Former Congressman & Chairman of the Colorado Republican Party/ Dairy Farmer/Banker/Real Estate Developer.


Samantha Mills-Mao – The Good News Girl reports on the most popular viral videos from the internet.


Dr Kevin Gutzman – Are NATO Members Deadbeats? And Why Trump Is Right About NATO.  Dr Gutzman is Professor and Chairman in the Department of History at Western Connecticut State University.

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Erin Morgart – What are “Ballot Selfies?” And why have they become the focal point of this election? The Social Media Maven, Entrepreneur, Renaissance woman and a Humanitarian wants to cause a positive paradigm shift in the world.


Abby Johnson – Planned Parenthood at 100 Years from the one who used to work there.  For 8 years Abby worked her way up the ranks in Planned Parenthood rising to the rank of Clinic Director.


Cody McGregor – VA Gets Bonuses, Vtes still waiting and Vets demanded to pay back bonuses, when does it become about the Vets.  McGregor, Outreach Director for CVA speaks up.


Bob Waliszewski – Reviews Inferno, Tyler Perry’s “Boo!, A Madea Halloween” Plus I’m Not Ashamed. Bob is Focus on the Family’s Director of Media and Culture.

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Daniel R Joseph – The China Learning Curve and Democracy Road.  Dan’s been focused on China for more than 20 years including living there for 12 years.

Caralyn Vassel – The real cause of indigestion and how very easy it is to control and necessary to do so for optimum health.


Akash Chougule – Obamacare’s broken promises. Chougule is the Director of Policy at Americans for Prosperity.

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