November 12, 2019

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What Do The Dems Really Want With Impeachment?  The Problem With Washington’s Permanent Bureaucracy and Our Weekly Viral Videos Report 


3 Compelling Hours of Experts, and Authors Pursuing The Truth No Matter Where It Leads

9:06-9:28a ET – Dr Wilfred Reilly – Political science professor at Kentucky State University, and author of Hate Crime Hoax talks Democrats End Game in this pending Impeachment process and what happens if they are successful?

9:32-9:58a ET – Eddie Scarry – William Taylor’s impeachment testimony shows the problem with Washington’s permanent bureaucracy. The commentary writer for the Washington Examiner reports.

9:32-9:58a ET – Samantha Mao – The Good News Girl is back with her very popular weekly Viral Video Report

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10:06-10:29a – James Hirsen – The impeachment process now coming out from behind closed doors.  Will Dems pay the political price for what more Americans are seeing as grossly unfair to a duly elected President?  The bestselling author, media and legal analyst discusses the latest

10:32-10:42a ET – Brittany Boccher – When we think of the holiday season, we think of it as a wonderful time of year when families gather, reconnect and celebrate. But for many military families, spending the holidays together is not always a possibility. The USO Ambassador for the Military Spouse & Catherine Higgins Whiteside, Vice President of Marketing, for Americas, Radisson Hotel Group share.

10:46-10:58a ET – 10:46-10:58a ET – Rachel Alexander- Senior editor at The Stream reports on the latest bombshell that Strzok and Page Changed Gen Flynn’s Interview and how We’ve Become a Society of Pop Culture and Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

11:06-11:29a ET – Hank Hanegraaff – The Bible Answer Man is here to talk about his new book, Truth Matters, Life Matters More.   He shares the unexpected beauty of an authentic Christian life

11:32-11:42a ET – Dr Joshua Halpern – It’s no secret men can be notoriously bad about keeping up regular doctor’s visits. This November marks National Men’s Health Awareness month.  The Urologist and assistant professor at Northwestern Medicine is empowering men to take charge of their health.


11:46-11:58a ET – Brian Kilmeade – The co-host of Fox & Friends and host of the Brian Kilmeade Show on Fox News Radio, discusses his latest book, Sam Houston & The Alamo Avengers, the fight for Texas leading up to, and following the massacre of ~250 Texans by the Mexican Army in 1836.

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