November 14, 2016

War On Guns, Why Hispanics Came Out For Trump & The Spy Who Killed JFK?

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Dr John Lott

John Lott – The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies.  Facts are stubborn things.  Called by Newsweek the “Gun Crowd’s Guru,” is an author, lecturer, and nationally-famous economist.


Israel Ortega – How Trump Defied Expectations for Hispanic Support. Breaking it down, the writer for the conservative political news site, Opportunity Lives.

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Robert Wilcox – Target: JFK – The Spy Who Killed Kennedy? The author, journalist, and screenwriter has written extensively on military subjects.


Alexander Markovsky – Will Trump’s Economic Plan Truly Make America Great Again? Born and educated in the Soviet Union. Mr. Markovsky holds degrees in economics and political science.


Lt Col Scott Mann – “Coming Home” the new book from former Lt. Col and Green Beret. He is the CEO of Mission America and author of the best-selling novel “Game Changers”.


Phil Hotsenpiller – Why Evangelicals Came Out In Record Numbers For Trump.  The senior pastor and founder of Influence Church, Anaheim Hills, CA explains.

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Bill Martinez – Commentary


Dr Kenneth Rothstein 


Ashley E. McGuire – The Catholic Assoc. reacts to President-Elect Trump.  McGuire is a Senior Fellow with The Catholic Association. Ashley writes and speaks widely about religious freedom, Catholicism, and women.

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Bridgette Reed – Chic, Affordable And A Timely Reminder Of Faith: Olivia Sophia Stationery.  Olivia Sophia Stationery, founded by mompreneur Bridgette Reed, is thriving proof that faith fuels business

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