November 2, 2016

Putin’s Russia Rising, Trump Still Has Support, & Democrats Go After Comey

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Michael Rubin 2

Michael Rubin – Putin’s Russia Rising and The Foreign Insecurity Realities Our Next President Will Inherit.  Rubin, Resident Scholar with AEI and former Pentagon Official.


Steve Moore – Stephen Moore Claims Donald Trump Still Has Support.  Moore is FreedomWorks Senior Economic Contributor and Trump Advisor.

James Hirsen-2

James Hirsen – Democrats Begin All-Out Assault On James Comey.  Hirsen is a New York Times best-selling author, commentator, media analyst and law professor.

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Herb London – Nuclear Implications?  Foreign Policy Madness, The Next President May Have A Massive Crisis On Day One. Dr London, is president of the London Center for Policy Research.


Rachel Alexander – Is Donald Trump ‘Anti-Intellectual?  Alexander is a senior editor at The Stream.


Michael Cottman – Clarence Thomas Pen Pal Saw A Different Man Than Everyone Else.  Cottman, an award-winning journalist and author, is a regular contributor to NBCBLK/NBC News.

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Andrea Kramer/Alton Harris – Breaking Through Bias – A Look At Presidential Election Gender Bias.  Al was a founding partner of the Chicago law firm of Ungaretti & Harris, where his wife and co-author, Andie Kramer, started her legal career.

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Dr Thomas White – First Freedom: The Beginning and End of Religious Liberty.  Dr White became the 10th president of Cedarville University on July 1, 2013. Serving in a variety of leadership roles and responsibilities, White has more than a decade of administrative, teaching, and research experience.

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