November 21, 2016

Hillary Investigation, There’s Already A Law For The Wall, Is Trump A Bigot? College Protests

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Jerome Corsi – What Next For Hillary Investigation? And The Law To Build The US Wall Has Already Passed, So What Are We waiting For?  Corsi is a senior staff reporter for, where he works as an investigative journalist.

Gayle Trotter

Gayle Trotter – Is Trump a bigot and a racist? Reflections on the Election.  Trotter is an attorney and senior fellow with the Independent Women’s Forum.


David Whalen – College Students Protest Against Donald Trump as President.  Whalen is the Provost, Professor of English at Hillsdale College.


Amazing Kreskin – The Amazing Kreskin Does It Again!  When So Many Got It Wrong, How Does He Do It?   Kreskin is a mentalist who became popular on North American television in the 1970s. He appeared on The Tonight Show 61 times.


Ted Hayes – National walkout seeks sanctuary for illegal immigrant students. Hayes, a member of the Project 21 black leadership network’s national advisory council, is a long-time Los Angeles-area activist known for his work on issues such as civil rights, homelessness and immigration.


Paul McDonald – Who Are The Happiest Workers and What Are The Top Drivers of Workplace Happiness? Paul, Robert Half Senior Executive Director reveals.


Leslie Shore – Communication Expert and Author, Professor Shore  Asks, Does Social Media Spell The End Of The Social Graces?


Steve Hawkings – Reforming America’s Justice System.  Hawkings, President of the Coalition for Public Safety, is ready to hit the ground running in working with President-elect Donald Trump and his administration to reform America’s justice system.

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