November 8, 2016

Finally, It’s Election Day 2016, Will US Unify, Viral Videos, Can Trump Win?

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Bill Federer – Election Day, A Historical Perspective, Plus Can Our Country Recover From This Election Cycle?  FEDERER is a nationally known speaker, best-selling author, and president of Amerisearch, Inc.


Samantha Mills-Mao – The Good News Girl reports on the most popular viral videos from the internet.

John LeBoutillier

John Leboutillier – Will Trump Pull It Off?  LeBoutillier is an American political columnist, pundit, and former Republican member of the United States House of Representatives from New York and author of “Harvard Hates America.” Host of the Political Insiders with Pat Cadell & Doug Shoen

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Andrew Gause – Monetary Expert Compares Candidates’ Programs for Fixing America’s “D+” Infrastructure.  Gause is one of America’s foremost experts on the history of US currency.


Jennifer Burke – ‘The FBI Can’t Prosecute Hillary Without Prosecuting Obama’. Burke is a Co-Founder of PolitiStick and the Editor-in-Chief.

James Hirsen-2

James Hirsen – Trump Closes The Deal.  Hirsen is a New York Times best-selling author, commentator, media analyst and law professor. He is admitted to practice in the U.S. Supreme Court and has made several appearances there on various landmark decisions.


Bill Martinez Commentary – 


Steve Moore 


Bishop Harry Jackson 

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