November 9, 2016

Greatest Political Shocker, Is There A Clinton Pardon Coming, Trump Closes

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David French – Greatest Political Shocker Ever! And What Did Last Night’s Vote Mean For The GOP and Democrats?   French is a staff writer at National Review, an attorney, concentrating his practice in constitutional law and the law of armed conflict, and a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Dr. Gerard Lameiro – Are Clinton’s Legal Issues Finally Over? And Does Trump Pardon Her?  Dr Lameiro is an author, philosopher, economist, and engineer.

James Hirsen-2

James Hirsen – Trump Closes The Deal.  Hirsen is a New York Times best-selling author, commentator, media analyst and law professor.


Roshini Rajkumar


Steve Lefemine – Reformation Day was October 31, 2016 – 499th Anniversary of celebrated launch of the Reformation.  Lefemine, director of a Christian Pro-Life, Pro-Chastity Ministry has served as a pro-life missionary since 1991, and has been involved in pro-life activism full-time since 1989.

Nicole Saint-Clair – Can The Culture Of Sexual Violence Be Brought To And End? Saint-Clair served on the board of directors for REAL, a rape crisis center for over 10 years.


Everardo Gout – National Geographic Channel MARS Series-Director Everado Gout Discusses the global event series MARS, a docu-drama that combines both current day efforts to reach MARS with future speculation about humans landing and living on Mars.

Michael Rubin 2

Michael Rubin – Turkey Turns Toward Putin, ISIS, Iran and Now China in the Middle East.  Rubin is a Resident Scholar with AEI and former Pentagon Official.


Austin Ruse

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