October 12, 2016

Upside of Inequality, Where’s The Leadership and Social Media Sets Records

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Ed Conard – The Upside of Inequality, How Good Intentions Undermine The Middle Class.  Conard is a top ten NY Times Best Selling author (Unintended Consequences) and founding partner at Bain Capitol.


Dr. Keith Eigel – Presidential Election In Which Both Candidates Have No Leadership Skills. Dr Eigel, is the co-founder of The Leaders Lyceum, a leadership development institute.
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James Hirsen – Social Media Involvement Hits Records In Second Presidential Debate.  New York Times best-selling author, commentator, media analyst and law professor explains.

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Dr John Lott
Dr John Lott – The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies.  Lott is called by Newsweek the “Gun Crowd’s Guru,” is an author, lecturer, and nationally-famous economist.


Don Mazzella – Clinton’s Baby Surprise.  Mazzella is a Political and Lifestyle Expert, who has been seen on MSNBC, Bloomberg and in WSJ.

bill-burnett    dave-evans

Bill Burnett/Dave Evans – Silicon Valley vets share how to “design” your life.  It was happens when Product Design comes together with Mechanical Engineering.

Matt Dobson – Veterans Still Dying While Waiting for Care at Phoenix VA.  Dobson is Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) Arizona State Director.
ryan-mccormick    mark-goldman
Mark Goldman & Ryan McCormick – PR as a legal weapon – How two scrappy New York PR executives helped save Nick Hillary from life in prison over a murder charge.
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Paul Douglas/Mitch Hescox – Caring for Creation: The Evangelical’s Guide to Climate Change. Douglas is a Christian meteorologist with a message and Hescox is a preacher and former coal industry worker with a message.

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