October 13, 2016

Hillary’s America-Ready For It? Black Life That Didn’t Matter & Viral Rumors

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Dinesh D’Souza – Hillary’s America, The film That Could Get D’Souza More Prison Time.  D’Souza is a political commentator, filmmaker and New York Times, best selling author.


Garth Kant – The Shocking Cover-up of the Killing of Miriam Carey: The Black Life that didn’t Matter.  Kant is the Washington bureau chief for online news giant WND.


Bill McIntosh – Best Rumors Of The Week.  Bring your tin foil hats.  McIntosh is an International Pundit, Editor and 40 plus years businessman in US and South America.

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Doug Giles – The Beta Male Apocalypse is here!  America’s College Campuses Are Filled With Cowards.  Giles, is the Founder and Editor of ClashDaily.com, and author of the wild new book, Pussification: The Effeminization Of The American Male.


Dominque Wilkins – He’s the most celebrated player to ever put on an Atlanta Hawks uniform. Dominique discusses staying in shape and better managing his diabetes.


Washington Examiner – Reports on the latest Wikileaks documents.



Doug Badger – Adjusting Obamacare ‘Reality’.  Badger is a former White House and U.S. Senate policy adviser and currently a senior fellow at the Galen Institute.


Lt Randy Sutton – Blue Lives Really Does Matter.  Sutton is the National Spokesman for Blue Lives Matter and a retired police officer.

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