Patrice Washington: December 11, 2020


Ways to Skip a Holiday Hangover This Season While Learning How to Invest



Best-selling author and personal finance expert


This holiday season is going to be challenging for many reasons, but a major consideration every year is money. Consumers are expected to spend 18% less in 2020 than in 2019 according to KPMG’s recent consumer holiday spending survey. When every dollar you spend needs to be carefully considered, you should make sure your money is working hard for you before you begin making purchases.


On December 11th, personal finance expert and author Patrice Washington will be available for interviews. Patrice will share her 2020-specific list of do’s and don’ts for the season, offering out-of-the-box advice that you can use in everyday spending, during the holidays and beyond. In this segment, she’ll discuss the following:



  • Shop with purpose: decide on a budget and make a list of who and what you’re shopping for before you buy – online or in-store. .
  • Easily invest in yourself while you shop: download apps that will enable you to earn stock rewards while shopping. Bumped is a platform that makes investing as simple as hailing a ride, rewarding everyday spending with fractional shares in stock like Apple, Boeing, Nike and dozens more. Main Street earns access to Wall Street, letting you to invest in your future as you spend money.
  • Remember compound interest makes money work for or against you: if you owe on a credit card, that debt grows over time, but the same can be said for dollars you save or invest.



  • Blow your budget: overspending now will lead to debt and regret in the New Year.
  • Forget to invest in yourself: 55% of Americans say they aren’t investing because they don’t have money. They’re forgetting that there are ways to make money while we spend money.
  • Stress out: If you can safely shop in person, have fun, take your time and enjoy the holiday decor. If you’re shopping online, keep it festive and get in the holiday spirit. This is a special occasion – so make it special!


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Patrice Washington is a number one best-selling author, public speaker and financial coach. She is a personal finance expert who teaches that living a disciplined, yet fulfilled life and expecting opportunities to overtake you at every turn is better than living a life of deprivation so you can “save for a rainy day,” a fresh take on the usual advice from experts! She has been the personal finance expert of Steve Harvey’s radio and television shows since 2014, and has appeared in dozens of media outlets including Dr. Oz and Fox & Friends. Patrice has been featured in hundreds of online and print publications including the New York Post, Cosmopolitan, Essence Magazine and more.

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