Paul Walsh: September 24, 2018


The Weather Channel’s New App Alerts Users to Personalized Information Including
Cold & Flu Statistics, Allergens, the Best Conditions for Running and More



Director of Weather Strategy, IBM Global Business Services/The Weather Company 


As we head into the autumn season, kids back in school and colder weather means cold and flu season is just around the corner. Now, thanks to The Weather Company (TWC), an IBMbusiness, users of The Weather Channel app, the world’s most downloaded weather app, will have personalized, real-time, hyper-local data at their fingertips to help them prepare.

Today’s 7-day forecast is as accurate as a 3-day forecast was 40 years ago. But the brand new The Weather Channel app which just got its most significant update since IBM purchased TWC three years ago, now goes beyond traditional weather updates. The app provides strong and personalized insights including local cold and flu data, pollen counts and ski conditions – all in the palm of your hand. The app will also now – and for the first time – proactively alert you with a “Head’s Up” when an unexpected shift in the weather occurs. It also features a Snapshot, a storified format that shows you what’s coming up, such as today’s weather, tomorrow’s weather, hourly and daily forecasts, and video highlights.

The Weather Company is not only focused on giving consumers the data they need; cutting-edge weather technology is working hard for businesses, too. Weather impacts every sector of the economy and is the largest external swing factor in business performance. With the convergence of forecasting, computing power, and AI, IBM continues to launch new tools for businesses from agriculture to shipping and logistics. As one example, The Weather Company is offering a new solution combining highly accurate weather forecasts with traffic insights to provide a more precise estimate of travel time to any destination so businesses can increase efficiency, manage customer expectations, and improve on-time performance.

On Sept. 24, Paul Walsh will be available for interviews. He’ll tell your audience the ways weather data can help both consumers and businesses, from how the Weather Channel app can make their lives easier, to the hyper-local features that can inform better business decision making.


More About The Weather Company

  • Delivers more than 25 billion forecasts a day
  • Has more than 175 meteorologists who analyze and forecast the weather
  • Produces forecasts for 2.2 billion locations every 15 minutes
  • Taps some 250,000 personal weather stations, 50 million smartphone pressure sensors, 50,000 flights, and more than 150 different sources like pollen, turbulence, radar, satellite imagery, traffic
  • Maintains 400 terabytes of data every day (that’s equal to 200 academic research libraries) from sensors on buoys in oceans to satellites in space


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More About Paul Walsh:

As Director, Weather Strategy and Business Meteorologist for IBM’s Global Business Services, Paul helps large retail and consumer packaged goods companies use weather and climate “big data” to create and execute weather strategies that lead to more effective and profitable business outcomes. Prior to 1997 as a meteorologist in the United States Air Force, Paul provided weather-based intelligence support to war fighters and mission planners and served as the Chief of Weather Operations for the US Army’s elite 101st Airborne Division during Operation Desert Storm.


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