Peter Schweizer: May 12, 2012


Schweizer Strikes Again!

Exposes the Revolving-Door Cronyism and Corruption at Obama’s Justice Department in an Explosive Newsweek Cover Story

“It is imperative those on Wall Street board rooms and trading floors be held accountable for the decisions they made.”  —President Barack Obama 5/20/2010
So, where’s the crackdown? After three years in power, there has been not one prosecution by Attorney General Holder of a high-level financial executive for the wrongdoing that nearly brought down the economy. Financial fraud prosecutions are at a 20-year low.

Why? Because the top Obama officials at DOJ come from (and will go back to) high-power law firms like Covington & Burling that make a mint representing clients like Goldman Sachs. The public trust has taken a back seat to coddling Wall Street firms that are “too big to jail.”

The real question is not why Holder and his deputies are protecting Wall Street. The question is, how long will they get away with it?

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