Allan Stevo: Face Masks in One Lesson

Face mask orders and policies are called mandatory. The truth is millions are exempt from the face mask orders and don’t realize it. Face Masks in One Lesson provides the ultimate response to mandatory masking, and is an irreplaceable tool for those who will not go masked another day.

Face Masks in One Lesson contains:

• In depth analysis of notable national policies, governmental and non-governmental

• How to never wear a mask again and to do so legitimately

• Points to the most telling studies

• The magic phrases that will get you past virtually any face mask checkpoint

• Fly the friendly sky maskless

Stevo’s influential writing has been described as “a precedence of sanity,” “the truth in print,” and “a beacon of liberty.” Stevo’s been described as “one of the rare individuals who operate under reason and logic.” Reading Face Masks in One Lesson “might be the most important thing you can do for yourself, your family, and your country,” writes Professor Robert Wright.

"What does Stevo’s writing mean to me?” asks Dr. Walter Block “All the world.”

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