Bill Means: Realms Beyond The Gate, 7 Principles That Govern God’s Kingdom

Discover Secrets about the Kingdom of God

Over twenty years ago, I asked the Lord to show me the "big picture." I wanted to know what the kingdom of God was really all about. The denomination that I was raised in told me that there was nothing else to get once you were saved. But if there was more, I wanted to know what it was. Could I access it?

The Lord began to reveal to me the kingdom of God and the principles that govern it. Over the years, little by little, He has led me into the discovery of these principles. Much of what is in this book is certainly taught in our churches today, but not nearly to the depth that the Lord opened to me.

God unfolded seven principles that govern the kingdom of God that every born-again follower of Jesus Christ needs to understand. I studied and meditated on these principles until they became "Rhema" revelation to me, and I began to walk in a higher discipline in the kingdom realm than ever before. Now my spirit is more receptive to the things of the kingdom. I may not know everything about the kingdom of God, but I believe that even those who have been in ministry for many years will find revelation in this book that they didn't know before. Let's journey together to the Realms beyond the Gate!

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