Bob Fabey: Not My Jesus: Embracing Our Sacred Role in a Changing World

Jesus had dreadlocks! Jesus had blue eyes. Jesus would never say THAT! Everyone claims to know something about Jesus. But they are likely incomplete. Jesus was judgmental! He called people names, and made fun of others! If you don’t know him this way, you should. Understanding who he is—and who he isn’t—is the key to knowing ourselves and how we are to live. Not My Jesus is a humorous, yet poignant look at faith, culture, and life. Using everything from movies to Tweets, Bob Fabey helps us to think about how we view Jesus, the strengths and weaknesses of each approach, and how we are called to live. In this book you will... • Identify the way you and others primarily view Jesus • Get a Biblical overview of who he really was (it’s not what you think!) • Discover the sacred role you play • Gain practical ways to live in light of who Jesus was Are you ready to confront your Jesus and embrace your sacred role?

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