Bob Woolset: The General’s Briefer

A hilarious story based on the two year military experience of the Author at the Pentagon. After ROTC, a Fulbright Grant to Germany, and law school, he finally enters the Army at the height of the Vietnam War. He is a klutz who, with a little brains, makes it through Basic Infantry Training, and is lucky enough to be assigned as an Oral Briefing Officer to the General Staff. His only duty is to announce the ultra–Top Secret world news every morning, from the hush–hush "Black Book." He takes us through his personal hell at Fort Benning to his eventual triumph as the favorite newscaster to the Chief of Army Intelligence. We meet the Army's finest—and the Army's dumbest—during his tour, the skirt-chasing Chief of his outfit; a Chinese speaking Irishman; a Rhodes Scholar; and even the future boss of the CIA. The Author poignantly describes the astonishing events of those times as well. The assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy; riots at the Chicago Democratic Convention; the Hippie March on the Pentagon; the rise of Mu'umaar Qaddaffi and Saddam Hussein—and the day we put a man on the Moon. It's a wonderful lifetime of History that takes place in just two years.

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