Brent Magnussen: ROGER UP: The Mission Ready Blueprint to Crush the Morning, Own the Day, and Become the Best Version of YOU!

BRENT MAGNUSSEN'S BOOK "ROGER UP" HAS BEEN REFERRED TO AS THE BLUEPRINT FOR LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST AND THRIVING IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY.The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has turned the whole world upside down in no time. In these difficult times, it may be hard to keep the spirits up but not impossible; it all depends on what we watch read or listen to. It is more important than ever to use this time for personal growth and transformation that will help us in moving ahead in life, once everything turns back to 'normal'. With the same thought, author Brent Magnussen has released his book ROGER UP: The  Mission Ready Blueprint to Crush the Morning, Own the Day, and Become the Best Version of YOU!" The book is for anyone who wants to be pushed, both mentally and physically to become the best version of themselves.

ROGER UP is an enthralling action plan for living life to the fullest and rising out stronger and better from adversity. It's a sharp, and smart blueprint that can help one in developing a Samurai mindset through a simple and bulletproof morning routine, unbreakable confidence through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, achieve fitness goals with a healthy eating lifestyle and not just another fad diet, speak a new language in 21 days, develop the same deadly skills as Jason Bourne, set and crush personal goals effectively and live life on their terms, master the 30-second elevator pitch to own the room, and cook world-class Italian meatballs in less than 30 minutes!

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